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In the CELL spotlight: Rachel

Rachel has a face like a flower and work ethics of a bumble bee. Read more about the second ambassador of CELL.


Let's try something different, Rachel. Pick a number between 1 to 5. 

R: Let’s go with 3.


Good choice! Name 3 things about yourself, Rachel.

R: I love travelling, I hate cockroaches and I workout in CELL. 😛


Interesting, name 3 places in the world you’d like to visit this year.

R: Africa, because I told myself that this year will be the year for exploring and being brave. My holidays thus far have been pretty relaxing and comfortable, more rejuvenative if you will. I foresee the trip to Africa to be a little more hardy and arguably more of an adventure. Our lives exist beyond the safe bubble we’ve created for ourselves; our bubble of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Consequently, this little adventure will hopefully help with this lifelong self-discovery - stepping out of my comfort zone to pursue a fuller me. 

Indonesia. I’ve always wanted to travel the whole of Indonesia, and I would recommend everyone do so to! I like hiking and climbing mountains, and Indonesia has tons of beautiful mountains with varying levels of difficulties for beginners to seasoned climbers. I belong to the beginners level of course hehe. Also, I have a close friend there whom I keep in contact with and would love to visit from time to time.

Khao Yai in Thailand. Google it and I bet you’d wanna go too after seeing pictures of that place! Its vibe is similar to Europe, except that it’s just 3h drive from Bangkok and it’s crazy cheap. They’ve got vast nature like sunflower fields, mountains, waterfalls and the chance to camp in the nature!


Name 3 things you are afraid of and why.

R: Errrr cockroaches like I said. Their movements are freakishly unpredictable. The flying ones are absolutely revolting.

Digging deeper, I’m afraid of disappointments. You can say I'm pretty guarded - keeping my expectations of people/situations at the bare minimal. In simpler terms, the lesser I expect of people results in the lesser power they have to disappoint me, hence making me feel like I am somewhat in control of the situation and how I feel. On the flip side, I think being afraid of disappointments also means that I’m afraid of disappointing the people around me that I cherish.

Finally, I’m afraid of routine (if afraid is even the right word to use here). I’ve always felt that life was more than just the work I do, or the commitments that I make to myself. If things are always kept at status quo, and life is always comfortable and familiar, then I’m not growing or progressing as a person. It scares me a little to feel like the world might pass me by, leaving me behind. As Paulo Coelho said “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.”


Name 3 commitments you have right now.

R: Firstly, I’m currently with Faces Talent Management (FacesTM) and they schedule me for castings and commercial shoots. This is something that I do as an interest on the side. Recently, I’ve started exploring and developing on acting as an added skill, this means acting classes and jobs.

Next, I’m committed to CELL as an ambassador. In order to stand for the brand, I make sure I come for enough classes and attend as many events as they have. I clock a minimum of seven workouts a week, mixing both high and low impact classes.

On top of the above, I’m a full-time marketing executive for a tuition agency and I also create content for The Travel Intern. Now that I spell them out, it sounds like my plate is very full HAHA but amidst all these I still make time for my family, partner and friends. So it only sounds mad but it’s pretty manageable really.


Complete this sentence: Roses are red, violets are blue…

R: ...if you’re reading this, you have nothing better to do. ROFL!


CELL: Rachel and Amanda are ambassadors, meaning they are the embodiment of the CELL brand of fitness and they are the best advocates of our work. In order to be, they have to be our best clients - clocking a minimum of 7 classes a week and attending all our events. CELL is lucky to have two beautiful women showing that beauty isn't given, but earned with time spent in the gym. Come train with the most dedicated community, text us at 81813847 to book a trial class now.

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Obstacle course for children – an EtonHouse project

Life is like a giant obstacle course, and as adults we encounter hurdles like bills and “is sorbet really a healthier option compared to regular ice-cream?” Here in CELL, our adult clients negotiate fitness obstacles. In the process, improve coordination, balance, strength and the list goes on.

With children, we realise the approach and challenges of coaching a class is not that different from adults. Here’s a condensed version of our week-long obstacle training course for EtonHouse!

Warm up with fun movements

Getting warm is important to prevent injuries. Light jumps are a good way to get the blood flowing so we prescribe some jumping jacks and “touch the stars”!


Pay attention to the trainer

Learning the movements being used to clear obstacles quickly and efficiently!


Step by step

Balance is a tricky thing to practice. Without the element of fear, balance is hardly an obstacle. For example, walking on a plank placed on a floorboard, compared to walking on plank elevated just slightly above the floorboard. Which balance is more challenging?


See also: Birthday party for children at CELL

Take aim

The more exposed you are to throwing, the better the hand-eye coordination is. So for both kids and adults, how often do we really take aim?


Doing two things at once

No one dropped the ball here!


Stretch to cool down

Stretching is a very good habit to have after any activity. Children are generally more flexible as you can see.


CELL is a functional training gym that has a team of dedicated trainers and physiotherapists that will curate age appropriate programmes for specific target groups.

Call to enquire about group classes now! 81813847

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This kitty yoga class is more than just felines and flexibility

They say a cat’s purr can reduce stress and potentially mend broken bones. Combine that with the already healing effects of yoga and you’ve got yourself the perfect fitness fad both cat-lovers and yogis would approve of.

Held at the spacious indoor studio at CELL, the event brought in 12 adorable cats who had been rescued from an illegal breeder and are currently up for adoption. After learning a bit about their tragic past, it’s unfortunate how common such instances of abuse still exists.

Tricia, our instructor for the day, led an hour-long Yin class which focused on a series of mindful stretches and plenty of shoulder and chest openers for the ‘purr-fect’ upper body release—stiff gym junkies (and literally anyone who works at a desk), this is the class for you.

We held each pose for a good 5-6 minutes, glancing around every now and then to see if there were any furries within petting vicinity. Most of the kitties were nervous at first, hiding out at corners and seeking refuge behind various gym equipment. Thankfully for us, the staff would occasionally round up a few of them and place them in the centre of the room for us to swoon at.


Cats are complex creatures

Unless you’re a cat-whisperer, here are some useful cat-facts for the uninitiated to help you better understand your feline friends:

An unusual and adorable up-and-down motion of the paws which resembles ‘biscuit-making’ is actually an instinctive behaviour that helps keep them calm. It’s also how some cats mark their territory using scent glands in their paws. Who knew?

Twitching Ears
This hypnotic movement is an expression of anxiety and agitation. Probably a sign for you to back away before you get mauled.

Cats purr when they’re relaxed, but also when they’re stressed out or even hurt. Unless you’ve done something to annoy the cuddly beast, purring is usually a sign of content.

After class we stayed behind for a feeding session and to watch the cats mill about.

Though there were still a few scaredy cats who remained hidden, it didn’t stop the rest of us from attempting to steal their affection.

It seems the secret ingredient to making any event a success is with the addition of cats. Who knows? We might see the debut of hamster jiu-jitsu or corgi cross-fit in the near future.


What’s cooking, good-looking?

Cats these days get to enjoy quite the gourmet experience thanks to cat food brands like Nurture Pro Longevity. The all-natural blend contains high-quality proteins, green tea essence and a range of beneficial dietary fibres that aids in digestion and minimises waste odour.

It comes in six palatable flavours, each with its own nutritional benefits. You can learn more about them here. With every 5-class package (valued at $145) purchased on the event day, CELL will donate 15 cans of Nurture Pro Longevity cat food to Saving the Siameses.


Finding these fur-balls a home

The sad misconception that most people have is that rescues are sickly, diseased and won’t make good pets. But just like people, animals have ‘baggage’ too. It may take a little more patience and constant attention to bond and care for your cuddlesome companion, but the joys of having a new found friend are well worth the sacrifice.

Follow the Saving the Siameses Facebook page to find out more about each animal’s story and how to take them home.


About this space

Aside from yoga, CELL offers a variety of strength and conditioning classes and interactive movement training, complete with a spacious outdoor training area to workout in the fresh air.


Getting there:

54 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555950

Their gates are located on the right and left of Singapore Post, right next to Chomp Chomp Food Centre. You can’t miss it!


Article written by: Aaron Tan

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5 reasons to workout as a couple

Fitness improves many aspects of life, is love one of them though? Here are 5 reasons to work out as a couple, because having brunch is only one aspect of #couplegoals.


1. Kill 2 birds, with 1 slamball

We have to eradicate the number one killer of gains: sugar busy schedule. Matching two schedules together is a seemingly impossible task (unless it's for eggs benedict). Here's an interesting thought - if couples have time to enjoy a well prepped avocado salad nestled in some secluded cafe so far away, you definitely have time as a couple to do a 1 hour exercise class together. Date in a cafe: put on your pretentious outfit, share a milkshake, wink at your partner. Date in a gym: put on your most pretentious activewear/pyjamas, share a class package, wink at your partner. Overall health improves, relationship improves, Instagram improves, get/stay married. 


2. Stay on track with fitness goals

No we don't mean track your partner's whereabouts, that's crazy obsessive. Obviously, we are referring to staying on point with fitness goals. There has been a recent study on heterosexual couples suggesting that average-weight husbands engage in more physical activity when wives offer more supportive health-related comments. Wait, to all the LGBTs, wives, children, singles and cats that are not covered by this study, please do not be #triggered. You get the point yes? Having a workout buddy removes the inertia to exercise, and prolongs the longevity of fitness as a journey because they help each other stay on track with fitness goals.


3. Build the emotional trust

Working out together creates a context in which the couple can coordinate their actions. For example, you might lift weights in rhythm with your partner, match your own walking or running pace with his or hers, or toss medicine balls back and forth. Such behaviour creates nonverbal mimicry (read about it here, if you have time). Mirroring your partner subtly help couples strengthen the already existing emotional connection, further feeling more attuned with one another. No kidding, it's a real psychological technique you can exploit. Of course if the boyfriend/husband mimics Amanda then we're in trouble!


4. More sex

The science-y explanation of this goes like this - exercise produces endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones, cranking up the libido. Also, hitting the gym on a regular basis increases self-esteem, energy, strength and endurance yada yada yada. Truth is, a hot body leads to more confidence. Confidence is sexy. Look, regardless whether you have a hot bod or not, sex will always be great. We're just saying keeping fit will really bump up the number of naughty nights. That's definitely worth working hard for.


5. Couples who play together stay together

What is exercise, if not organised playtime for adults? Life as an adult is hard with all the bills, responsibilities, eggs benedict and whatnot. All these are necessary, but really it's time to put all that boring talk aside and have some quality fun. Chase a fitness dream! Work on that fitspo angle on your Instagram! More sex! It can all start with having fun in the gym together.


Share a package as a couple, text us to find out more! 81813847

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In the CELL spotlight: Jian Xiang

Avid gym-goer turned CELLM8, Jian Xiang has been with us from the beginning. Read more about one of our oldest clients on the block. Click on his pictures to enlarge!


You were one of the first few clients we’ve had. Tell us about yourself! 

JXHello, I’m Jian Xiang! I’m currently working at Changi Airport Group, in the Terminal 5 Planning team. As T5 is only in the initial planning phase (and is only projected to be completed in the late 2020s to early 2030s), my job involves using simulation tools and analytics to derive the facility requirements of the various systems in the new airport, based on different scenarios. Sounds boring? Not at all! In fact I love my job. It’s exciting and energising; we get to explore and test the latest technology and ideas that could be implemented in the future airport. But you know what else is exciting and refreshing? Hitting the gym and coming to CELL for classes!

Studies show that exercising has a stress-relieving effect (no citation required because you know it’s true). Hitting the gym, liftin' dem weights and sweating it out definitely helps alleviate stress. That’s why I used to hit the gym at the airport about 4 times a week. Some people hit the gym for aesthetic purposes, you know, to look good and all. Not for me though; going to the gym is about gaining strength and smashing Personal Records (PRs), especially in the three powerlifting moves - Bench Press, Deadlift and Squats. Nowadays, I only hit the gym twice a week… because the other five days I’m at CELL! (yay).


How did you find CELL initially? Were you having food at Chomp Chomp and then chanced upon us?

JXI used to have a gym buddy back in university day. We would hustle almost every day at the UTown gym, chasing PRs like every other gym douche we know. This was also when I first picked up amateur powerlifting. Sadly when we graduated and entered working life, I found myself lifting alone most of the time. Having no one to spot me, I found myself plateauing in my lifts too. Additionally, I also learned of weightlifting (moves like clean, snatch, etc.), which piqued my interest. These reasons spurred me to look for an alternative training club, if you may.

This was when I noticed that a new gym has opened in Serangoon Gardens, my usual haunt because of the number of great eateries there and the close proximity to my house. It’s like they heard my cry for help and responded to my needs. I remember sending CELL an email to enquire about Strong Ones class and attending my first trial class with Han.

Initially, I was only attending their Strong One classes every Saturday or Sunday because my goal was to build strength for higher PRs. Since then, I have tried all their classes after much nudging from the trainers. I now come for Nisa’s Pilates for a “hard-core” (geddit, hard core lol) workout, Kettlebell and the occasional Outdoor Bootcamp for conditioning work to improve my overall fitness level as well. Ultimately, as Dan always reminds me, to hit my goals, it’s not enough to be solely lifting weights all the time. One needs to have a balanced training regime to be able to hit newer heights.


It’s the end of 2017 now. Any travel plans coming up? 

JXJust came back from Yogyakarta, Indonesia in October. If you’re an outdoors /adventurous person, I would highly recommend this place (10/10). There are so many activities to try there (e.g. sandboarding, gondola riding across the sea to a small island, cave tubing, river rafting, being rappelled down 60m to explore a cave system, trekking up Mt Merapi, catching the sunrise from Borobudur Temple, etc.). Moreover, as tourism is still only picking up in the developing city, everything there is really cheap. The locals are also friendly and helpful. We literally lived like kings there. We stayed in a bungalow with our own private pool, each hearty meal never exceeded S$8 per person, itinerary packed full of activities, and even had a private chauffeur to bring us from point to point for 4 days. Yet all in all, we only spent just above S$400 (excluding flight tickets). It’s unbelievable.

Anyway, in December, I will be travelling to Taiwan with my oldest friends from secondary school. Having been hanging out for 10 years now, this is our first time travelling together, and I’m very much looking forward to the trip. I guess the highlight of the trip won’t be any particular part of the itinerary, but the time we would be spending together (aww).


Your Instagram is really interesting, are you an avid fan of all things architecture?

JX: I believe there are four general groups of Instagram users. The first group, which many people fall under, use Instagram to narrate their lives. They only post when there are interesting occurrences. The second group are the self-obsessed ones (i.e. social influencers). Then, there are the ones who only post related to a specific interest group, e.g. workout videos, food, animals, etc. The last group use Instagram to showcase their “artwork”, whatever that form might take, since after all, Instagram is like a photo gallery.

While I wouldn’t call myself an artist, I would classify myself under the last group of above-mentioned Instagram users. I’m not a gregarious person, so I’m not fond of sharing my entire life with everyone. Hence, I post photos of my perspective of the views I find interesting because I have the tendency to look out for geometrical and symmetrical things I come across, which usually come in the form of architecture. Recently I even upped my Insta-game and now only post three photos of similar theme in a series to make my overall Instagram page look less haphazard. There is actually a group of pro-Instagrammers out there, who takes incredible photos that are much better than mine, whom I secretly hope to one day gain their recognition (lol).

Of course, every now and then, I would still post photos of interesting occurrences in my life too in a bid to gain validation from my peers that I’m cool and happening (as is the point of social media, amirite?).

Follow me on @giandescendant. Be sure to like, share and comment on my latest posts too!


Complete this sentence Jian Xiang: If I were a bird, I’d fly away to...?

JX: (...to find food and a comfortable nesting locations because that are what normal birds do.) I’d fly away to catch my favourite bands perform in live concerts all around the world. Having a bird’s-eye view of the performance would be a plus too so that I can avoid the crowd below.


CELL: Try our Strong Ones class this week! Text in to book! 81813847

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Year End Promotional Prices – book your trial class now


Click image below to enlarge price list

 Text us to book a trial class! 81813847

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In the CELL spotlight: Josh

Josh is an aspiring bodybuilder. Leaving to further his studies in Physiotherapy in December, let's put jokes aside to learn more about this champ.


Hey Champ! You subscribe to bodybuilding type of workouts, how did you end up here in CELL?

J: Good question! Considering how most of the classes here at CELL are functional based, having good cardiovascular fitness is important in their programmes. It would be the last place you’d expect a “bodybuilder” as many of us consider cardio a taboo.

I wanted to develop myself as an all-rounded athlete, instead of just building muscle mass that provided little function. From this I want to show many young aspiring bodybuilding enthusiasts to not shun cardio, but incorporate it as a complement to their personal goals and training. CELL has been able to keep my cardio workouts interesting and interactive for me previously. Now I'm lucky enough to be part of this team of greatness, spreading my joy for fitness all around.

My interest in their circuit classes prompted me to give it a try. The intensity and type of exercises incorporated into the programmes here in CELL has developed me not only in terms of my personal cardio improvement, but my intensity and progress in the gym increasing pass usual plateaus as well! I implemented CELL into my competition program 12 weeks out from a Men’s Physique bodybuilding competition.


Sorry, how young are you, Josh?

J: I will turn 23 at the end of the year, so for now I'd like to be known as 22 :D. I just finished serving my 2 years of National Service and am waiting for my study term to start in 2018 Feb. I'll be doing Physiotherapy in Perth, at Curtin University.

My parents and I had a lengthy discussion on my interests and ambitions, and we concluded that Physiotherapy will be a great fit for me. Believe me, I was a lost child unsure of what I'd do with my future. I found bodybuilding a couple of years back, made great friends in the various gyms I've been to. Spoke to my parents about my newfound passion, and not only did they encourage, they are supportive enough to send me overseas to pursue this. One thing led to another, before I knew it, Amanda introduced me to CELL. Interacting with the guys here just reinforced my deepening love for this abstract artform known as the human body. 


Speaking of University, how is preparation coming along?

J: I have a long 6 month break before school starts, so prior to that I wanted to build up some exposure to the health and fitness industry. I know that I will potentially be up against students who have had better exposure to health and fitness,  so making full use of my break to collect as much hands-on experience is important to staying in the game.

Besides holding a job, I prepared for a bodybuilding competition. Nothing much, just focus on getting swole. 

University is going to take up 5 years starting 2018, so I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with my family now. We're not fancy, just some dinners and holidays. We went Japan not long ago, and wow their gyms are absolutely squeaky clean. I felt judged when a bead of my sweat dripped on the elliptical machine while warming up. All eyes on me not because swole but because sweat on gym machine trololol. 


Wow, with this set of skills you have the potential to change the world one rep at a time. Will you consider a career besides the gym after University?

J: I definitely have considered careers outside the gym. Deep down I have considered niche groups like pediatrics, senior citizens and athletes as long as it is in some area related to Fitness and Health. I want a skill myself to help improve the quality of life in our community. Plans may change along the way, but I’m keeping my options open. Hopefully by then CELL will have a branch in Australia 😉


This has been an amazing conversation. Very quickly now, do you prefer white or black carrot cake?

J: Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed! Personally I prefer black carrot cake over white. I find it more tasty thanks to the black sauce haha.



CELL: Josh shows us we can do anything we set our mind to. Set your mind on a fitness journey here with us at CELL. Text in to book a class now! 81813847

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In the CELL spotlight: Nisa

Nisa has been instrumental in our growth as a gym community since CELL's beginnings. Struggle breeds strength, as Nisa will share with us.


Strong, flexible and confident. Tell us Nisa, did you have any fears growing up? 

N: Probably the only fear I ever had growing up was not being in control of my life.   

Being brought up in an abusive environment, you’d think that I would be fearful of pain and the nightmares from my childhood. Apart from the physical trauma, my siblings and I suffered from being unable to freely express ourselves. None of us had the liberty over our actions made in life; no laughing, no screaming, no crying, no running around to play etc. Being the youngest and the only female, I was often left behind and overlooked. Based on those experiences, I instinctively built up a heightened level of callousness during my teenage years.

My brothers had their own way of reacting to that life - uncontrollable anger, the insatiable crave for control over others, and the robust desire to display authority through physical triumph. This toxic environment had its charms, but still I feared that one day I'd end up just like them, having no control. 

I started working out as young as 14, and it was a great mental remedy for me. I joined a uniformed group for CCA, and went to public gyms to workout, ran around the neighbourhood at night, did whatever I could. So what I did was I set realistic fitness goals for myself, and did whatever it took to reach those goals. For example, I became a pilates instructor 4 years ago, which means I can do a split. I can deadlift 140kg for 1RM, which means my strength regime is working. This is probably why I never left this lifestyle, since my fitness journey has been of great help with containing my fears.


What is your greatest challenge here in this line of work? 

N: My greatest challenge would be to stay current and to never be out of touch with my practice. A diverse pool of clients bring an array of physical issues and lifestyle challenges. It requires one to be versatile and adaptable to connect with each client on whatever stage of life they might be in. Reading up on new conditions and novel exercises is how I has always been an interest of mine and it helps keep me updated.

After Polytechnic, I assisted in sports matches and at physiotherapy clinics where I gained knowledge on rehabilitation phases. Then I joined a commercial gym - where hard-selling was a norm and profit was a priority. Hopping off that commercial train and into a boutique studio made me realise that knowledge and expertise is pivotal in this line of work. There were many instances where I was required to tap on my previous knowledge of rehabilitation phase knowledge and pursuing my degree in Exercise Sports Science really helped with the process. Finally, being here at CELL, I’m able to put to practice all that I’ve learnt and experienced.


Are there any other communities you wish to help?

N: Having shared about my difficult growing years, I personally feel that I’m able to empathise with children or teenagers with troubled backgrounds. It can be hard as an adolescent - dealing with problems bigger than you are. Sometimes all you need is someone to share your problems with and to know that you’re not alone in your struggles.


Sounds like you have big plans. Any plans for yourself personally? In terms of personal growth? 

N: I usually set personal goals to achieve by a certain age. At 25, it was to develop and establish my career. I’m proud to say it's all working out well. CELL is where I see my career progressing, we do interesting projects here and I feel like I'm growing together with the gym. Next up at 35, the goal is to own my own house - 100% furnished and debt-free.


You are an inspiration to us all Nisa. Cute question time! If you were a supplement brand, what brand would you be and why? 

N: When it comes to supplement, it seems that I consume pre-workout more often than I do protein. Perhaps it’s because I constantly try my best to ensure I have proper food in my system without compensating with protein supplements. So if I had to choose, it'd be preworkout C4 by Cellucor!


CELL: Nisa teaches Circuit, Bootcamp and Pilates here with us. Text us to book a class now! 81813847

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In the CELL spotlight: Sara

@rarathekoala is an experienced triathlete who believes in living life on the fast lane. It's not the abundance of time that matters to Sara, it's what she does with the limited resource she has. 


You found us via the Entertainer app and then life was never the same for us again. We’d like to introduce you but we’re not sure where to begin. Help!

S: I was looking for a sports massage and happened to come across CELL on the entertainer app and decided to give it a shot. I had two rubdowns with Ian, the resident physio and was pretty impressed by his depth of knowledge. I’ve also been looking for a place to do strength and conditioning for a while now and I really like the way they conduct functional training here at CELL. I love the simplicity of the place and the large open space - as they say, the art lies in the interpretation of the space.

I remember meeting trainer Han to talk about training at CELL and it was great to meet someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about the training that they do here. It was also probably the most uncomfortable conversation Han has had in awhile given that he's a major goofball whilst I basically deadpanned the entire time. It is no secret that I’m potentially the most serious person around.

I'm a lawyer by profession, and I do mostly litigation work. Triathlon is my hobby and just like how I enjoy the intellectual challenge of legal practice, I like the physical and mental challenge of triathlon. I also do some freelance writing on the side and am an ACE certified personal trainer. I race about 20-25 times a year but I generally focus on a few key races every year.


In short, you’re SuperWoman. How do you manage to fit CELL in such a tight schedule?

S: I'm definitely not any sort of superhuman (I do concede that I probably need less sleep than most people); in fact I think the way I live my life constantly reminds me of my own mortality and of all the things that are beyond my control for I am merely human.

I generally just have a list of things that I have to fit in every week, be it work, training, social activities and whatever else I do on the side. I then look at my schedule and plug them into the empty slots. This part of it is really quite a mechanical exercise. I think what’s most important is always having that bigger picture in view all the time, and making sure that you do all the little things that are required to get to where you eventually want to be. Find a way to love the little things that have to be done and each day will turn out to be remarkably fulfilling and enriching.


Are there even 25 races here in Singapore to participate in? 

S: I'm sure there are, but I do a fair bit of my racing overseas. It gives me an perfect excuse to travel as well. Every overseas experience is very different and I get to meet all sorts of people and see so many places. The best parts of it are being able to gain many different perspectives and to learn something about myself each time.

I read that we fall in love with some of the places we travel to because at that moment in time, we were in love with the person we are at that very point, and with where we are in our lives.  In one of the best travel essays ever written, Pico Iyer explains that “travel spins us round in two ways at once: It shows us the sights and values and issues that we might ordinarily ignore; but it also, and more deeply, shows us all the parts of ourselves that might otherwise grow rusty. For in traveling to a truly foreign place, we inevitably travel to moods and states of mind and hidden inward passages that we’d otherwise seldom have cause to visit.”

Over the years, I've found that this is rather true and so my travels have allowed me to keep track of my life’s journey and also remind me of the person I want to be and where I want to go.


Oh that’s cool! Since you travel that much, have you any near death experiences you’d like to share?

S: Clearly people who know me think that everytime I go overseas I have a near death experience but I honestly don't think I've had that many. The one that really stuck with me was when I was in Darwin back in 2014 on my grad trip with 2 of my closest friends. Two of us decided to climb up the rock face of a waterfall. It was an exhilarating experience really, with the water crashing down on you as you scaled up the ledges. Then my friend who was up ahead of my slipped and as she fell, she took me down with her. During that 3 to 5 second plunge I looked down and all I saw was rocks - was pretty certain I was going to die. Somehow I didn't.

Of course I've got people (Han being the most vocal of them) questioning my decision-making. But as I always say - although almost anything in this world is possible, we live our lives and make our decisions based on probabilities and not possibilities.

Recently I was in Bali and there was a spectacular storm (they are truly beautiful things to watch by the beach). Dark angry clouds, flashes of lightning in the distance and best of all, angry roiling waves. I simply had to jump in for a swim - because nothing makes one feel more alive than swimming in a spectacular storm with huge raindrops pattering down each time you take a breath, and huge swells carrying you over the ocean at speeds one would never be able to achieve on their own.


You were already a champ when you came to us!  Help us understand further, how is CELL even contributing to your regime?

S: Well, triathlon is a sport that involves unidirectional movement. I've always believed in a very holistic and functional approach towards fitness, which means that my body needs to be challenged in all sorts of other ways in order to truly do what it’s capable of. At CELL there are a whole variety of different things that can be done in training, and I feel like I'm getting stronger and fitter in ways that triathlon won't be able to achieve.

Recovery is obviously a very important and admittedly a much neglected component of training. For me it takes a lot more discipline to rest and recover than to train, and I think it’s the same for many athletes out there. I generally try to get regular sports massages for recovery and being able to do that at CELL where I train is a major convenience. The sports massages help me release the accumulated fatigue and tension from training before races and also promotes recovery after hard training sessions and races.


We’re happy to even have a place in your life. Do Singapore proud in the next race Sara! Before we close off we have to ask one last question: If you had to give one up for the rest of your life, will it be running or swimming?

S: I would give up running. Swimming is something that I've been doing for almost my entire life. Growing up, it was the one constant in my life. I like the peace in the water, and swimming in the vast ocean at dawn or dusk is probably one of the most tranquil and liberating experiences one can ever have. Someone once remarked that the only time I seem truly happy is when I'm in the water, but I may never know if this is really true.


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In the CELL spotlight: Ruzanna

Ruzanna was introduced to us by Janice and have been with us since March. Read on to find out more about our Muslimah of the year! Click on her images to enlarge.


Our Muslimah of the year. You travel quite a fair bit, were you ever in a life threatening situation before, Ruzanna?

R: I scuba dive a fair bit during my travels. I was terrified of the vastness of the ocean and I had to clear some skills before I pass my Open Water diving license. One of the very first few skills I had to pass was clearing water from my mask.

Essentially I have to flood the mask halfway and then expel the water out by blowing air out of my nose forcefully. Took me a long time before I finally gained a little bit of courage and proceeded to execute the move. The mask wasn't completely cleared of water after trying for awhile, and that didn't make sense to me. 

In my state of panic, I ripped out my regulator (air supply) and swam to the water surface in a rush. Swallowing gallons of seawater on the way up. It was the longest, scariest 5m swim I had to do. At that point in time, I didn't think I was going to make it.


Oh dear. Okay let’s take things down a notch. Is there a calmer, more composed side of life that you enjoy too?

R: Believe it or not, I can be a couch potato on days when I just want to be lazy. I truly enjoy lazing on the couch, watching tv series or YouTube videos. I can watch a series back to back the whole day if it interests me a lot. Also, I have this weird habit of re-watching what I have just finished watching. So far, I have re-watched Charmed (billion times), Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Merlin, and Reign. Other series I enjoy includes Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, 2 Broke Girls, Switched at Birth, Witches of East End, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother and 13 Reasons Why.


Wow, so many TV series. Can compete with Dan. It looks like you’re in a very good place in life now. What do you do for a living?

R: I teach children, about life. People think that just because I’m a teacher, most of my time is dedicated to school content. That's only partly true.

What they don’t realise is that a teacher is the biggest role model in a child’s life, followed by their family members and friends. I have to watch my moves and be selective of the things I say when I’m in class because kids pick things up almost immediately. I love sharing life skills and my adventure stories with them because academic excellence isn’t the only success indicator in life. Ideally, they should learn to seek ambitions, set goals, pick up different hobbies and be brave enough to explore the world. When they’ve truly experienced things and explored the world, they can then say they have truly lived.

Once, I shared my New Zealand experience with my class and my diving experiences with the whole P2 level. That sharing session was so impactful to one of my students that he shared it with his father. It amazes me how huge my influence is on these children. As much as I am honoured, it can be a pretty scary thing too.


You are so busy sharing life lessons! Help me see where fitness lies in your hectic life please?

R: Who doesn’t wish to look good right? When I look good, I am more confident of myself. I have always been conscious of the way I look and how I portray myself to others because first impressions count. I am always on the quest to have a better body even though you might think, “But you’re covered what.”

Well, my body is my temple. Even if you can’t see it, I still need to take good care of it and it affects the way I carry myself. I consider myself unfit and unhealthy too. After my dive trip in Phuket this year, I had this urge of losing weight and getting my sexy Kylie Jenner body back. So when Janice (my BFF) introduced CELL and circuit training to me, I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to lose weight badly so I decided to try it out. 4 months later, I have seen major changes and differences. I’m so much stronger and on the way to getting my Kylie Jenner body. HAHA.


Complete this sentence: I’d recommend CELL to my friends because...

R: The boss is damn good looking omygad. (He made me say this. HAHAHA) Okay kidding. Because they are first and foremost your friends then your trainers. They’re the friendliest and warmest people around which makes working out a joy. It’s not just about work, they’re tonnes of fun too. You won’t regret coming to CELL. (;


Thank you for giving us a glimpse in your life, you are truly our Muslimah of the year. Anything to say to the Muslimahs out there? Maybe after this line of inspiration you might face competition for your title.

R: I live by these quotes; live life to the fullest. In the end, we regret the chances we didn’t take. Take advantage of today because tomorrow's not promised. If there is something that you want to accomplish, take the plunge and just do it. Don’t think, just do. (;


CELL: We'll credit $15 to your account per friend you refer us. Use this credit to offset your next package with us. Text us to find out more! 81813847