This kitty yoga class is more than just felines and flexibility

They say a cat’s purr can reduce stress and potentially mend broken bones. Combine that with the already healing effects of yoga and you’ve got yourself the perfect fitness fad both cat-lovers and yogis would approve of. Held at the spacious indoor studio at CELL, the event brought in 12 adorable cats who had been … Continued

5 reasons to workout as a couple

Fitness improves many aspects of life, is love one of them though? Here are 5 reasons to work out as a couple, because having brunch is only one aspect of #couplegoals.   1. Kill 2 birds, with 1 slamball We have to eradicate the number one killer of gains: sugar busy schedule. Matching two schedules together is … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Jian Xiang

Avid gym-goer turned CELLM8, Jian Xiang has been with us from the beginning. Read more about one of our oldest clients on the block. Click on his pictures to enlarge!   You were one of the first few clients we’ve had. Tell us about yourself!  JX: Hello, I’m Jian Xiang! I’m currently working at Changi Airport … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Josh

Josh is an aspiring bodybuilder. Leaving to further his studies in Physiotherapy in December, let’s put jokes aside to learn more about this champ.   Hey Champ! You subscribe to bodybuilding type of workouts, how did you end up here in CELL? J: Good question! Considering how most of the classes here at CELL are functional … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Nisa

Nisa has been instrumental in our growth as a gym community since CELL’s beginnings. Struggle breeds strength, as Nisa will share with us.   Strong, flexible and confident. Tell us Nisa, did you have any fears growing up?  N: Probably the only fear I ever had growing up was not being in control of my life.    … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Sara

@rarathekoala is an experienced triathlete who believes in living life on the fast lane. It’s not the abundance of time that matters to Sara, it’s what she does with the limited resource she has.    You found us via the Entertainer app and then life was never the same for us again. We’d like to introduce you … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Ruzanna

Ruzanna was introduced to us by Janice and have been with us since March. Read on to find out more about our Muslimah of the year! Click on her images to enlarge.   Our Muslimah of the year. You travel quite a fair bit, were you ever in a life threatening situation before, Ruzanna? R: I … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Amanda

This fine young lady here is the face of CELL. Amanda is all over our social media, and almost always at our events. Learn what CELL’s ambassador subscribes to – from music to food to workout choices.       @broadwaybullet, we love the monochromatic slash classy vibes on your Instagram feed. It’s really well done! Share with us, what hooks … Continued

In the CELL spotlight: Janice

CELL is lit with bright personalities, and now we’re focusing the spotlight on our favourite yogi. Janice is an animal-loving fitness enthusiast that we’re lucky to have around. Let’s take a closer look into one of the brightest sparks of the gym. Click on her pictures to zoom!   Looking at your Instagram pictures and … Continued